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Atrial Fib Discussion

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This site will offer information about the nature and experience of afib from the non-professional perspective  and opinion of an afib patient, a person who has lived with and researched afib for twenty-four years.  This site is not a medical site and will not offer reliable medical advice. Only a qualified medical doctor can offer completely accurate advice and treat afib.  Acting on information acquired from this site without the advice of a physician could be dangerous because afib affects each person differently. The author of this site, a medical lay person who is completely unqualified to give medical advice, disclaims all responsibility for any adverse effects consequential to reading or acting upon information acquired from this site.  This site offers only the opinion of an individual afib patient, which is not reliable, competent medical advice.  Everyone should rely only on his or her doctor for accurate advice about afib. If you act on advice received via this site or any other Internet site without first consulting a doctor for approval, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.  DO NOT ACT ON ANY INFORMATION GAINED FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING A QUALIFIED DOCTOR'S APPROVAL OF SUCH ACTION.

Click on the link below to participate in an afib support group which will offer information, caring, and support to persons having afib.

To view or have the chance to participate in an excellent atrial fibrillation support group, P_Atrial_FibSupport, click on this link


Which kind do you have?

ACUTE: Sudden onset, diagnosed within 48 hours

PAROXYSMAL: Intermittent short or long episodes, 
usually self terminating

PERSISTENT: Longer episodes that do terminate with

PERMANENT: Constant afib that does not terminate
with cardioversion



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Atrial fibrillation is a heart arrhythmia which can be experienced by people of all ages, ethnic backgounds, and overall health conditions. Afib can occur for no apparent reason and then is called "lone" afib, or it can occur as a result of another bodily condition, such as heart disease. Because afib can cause blood pooling and clotting, stroke risk is the main threat from afib. Living comfortably and safely with afib can result from controlling symptoms with drugs and stroke risk with anticoagulation under a doctor's guidance. Ablation and surgical procedures can also be used to treat afib. 

Atrial Fib Discussion Group